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Schloss Weinzierl
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Kapelle von Schloss Weinzierl

Kapelle von Schloss Weinzierl

Festsaal Schloss Weinzierl

Festsaal Schloss Weinzierl


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Mittwoch 04. Oktober 2017
Uraufführung "Per Petuum" am 27.10.2017

Eine Uraufführung steht am 27.10. im Konzert des Altenberg Trios auf dem Programm: Es ist "Per...» weiterlesen

About the Programme of the 2017 SCHLOSS WEINZIERL MUSIKFEST

On the last weekend in May from the 25th to the 28th, around Ascension Day, leading artists will meet once again in Schloss Weinzierl, the birthplace of the string quartet. They will make music together on the occasion of the 9th SCHLOSS WEINZIERL MUSIKFEST. Included among them are the Quartetto di Cremona, considered to be one of the best in their generation, the young horn player and prize winner of the ARD Music Competition, Katerina Javurkova, the Dutch clarinettist and winner of numerous international competitions, Lars Wouters van den Oudenweijer, the outstanding Russian-Italian violist Anna Serova and additional artists.


 The members of the Altenberg Trios Wien, the artistic directors of the Musikfest, have conceived a widely diversified programme that makes ample room for the chamber music of the genius loci Joseph Haydn as well as works by his "young friend" W.A.Mozart and his "headstrong student" L.v. Beethoven. Ferdinand Ries, a student and friend of Beethoven's, as well as a student of both Mozart and Haydn, J.N. Hummel, also have their say musically.


With Camille Saint-Saëns, who revived classical form and renewed French music, the focus moves to French composers including those of following generations like Francis Poulenc, Olivier Messiaen and André Jolivet as well as their colleagues in other countries such as Ernst von Dohnány in Hungary or Sergej Prokofiev in Russia.


 Two brilliant pieces that have had a lasting effect far beyond their time, the Trio in a minor, which Piotr Illych Tchaikovsky wrote on the occasion of the death of his friend Nicolai Rubinstein, and the "Quartet for the End of Time", by Olivier Messiaen, are the keystones of this year's programme.


A Promenade Concert in the Weinzierl palace chapel and garden broadens the palette of the concerts with musical and culinary stations.


The 2017 Musikfest will begin with a festive service in the Wieselburg parish church, when the "Quarta Messa" by Marianna Martines, a student of the young Joseph Haydn, will be performed by the musicapricciosa chamber choir under the direction of Ulrike Weidinger.


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