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Schloss Weinzierl
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Kapelle von Schloss Weinzierl

Kapelle von Schloss Weinzierl

Festsaal Schloss Weinzierl

Festsaal Schloss Weinzierl



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The 2020 Schloss Weinzierl Musikfest will be held from 30 April to 3 May - not on Ascension Day this time!  The Altenberg Trio Vienna and Amiram Ganz have invited nine other renowned artists to make music together at Schloss Weinzierl, the historically important place where the young Joseph Haydn invented the genre of string quartet and performed his first quartets. The artists from France, China, South Korea, Italy, Belgium, Germany and Austria - all winners of prestigious competitions - make the Musikfest Schloss Weinzierl a top-class international festival amidst the gently rolling hills of the Mostviertel.


Schloss Weinzierl's most important guest, Joseph Haydn, will be celebrated with one of his piano trios, a baryton trio and the performance of one of his violin concertos. The focus of the 2020 Music Festival will be on Viennese Classical and Romantic music with works by L.v. Beethoven (String Trio, "Spring Sonata"), J. Brahms (Horn Trio), A. Dvorák (String Quintet) and F. Schubert (Rondo); all of these masters were admirers of Haydn's compositional art. R. Schumann's "Adagio and Allegro" and his piano quartet will be heard at the 2020 Musikfest. With composers such as G. Rossini or A. Klughardt, the Musikfest 2020 will bring rare and interesting pieces, with D. Shostakovich and F. Poulenc - two explicit Haydn fans - as well as G. Ligeti and A. Previn skillful and exciting music of the 20th century. The centrepiece of the 2020 programme is the brilliant work of the 16-year-old F. Mendelssohn, his octet in E flat Major.


A fairy tale with Mendelssohn's music will delight young and old listeners on Saturday afternoon. In the garden, a divertimento designed by artists of the music festival and students of the Wieselburg Music School, as well as choral music performed by musicapricciosa under the direction of Ulrike Weidinger in the arcaded courtyard of Weinzierl Palace will form further musical stations of the promenade concert, which will be accompanied by regional cuisine.


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SCHLOSS WEINZIERL, Weinzierl 1, AT-3250 Wieselburg