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Schloss Weinzierl
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Kapelle von Schloss Weinzierl

Kapelle von Schloss Weinzierl

Festsaal Schloss Weinzierl

Festsaal Schloss Weinzierl


Stefanie Liedkte

Stefanie Liedtke

Stefanie Liedtke is a versatile musician specialising in contemporary and early music. She studied bassoon and recorder in Germany (Stuttgart, Freiburg) and in the Netherlands (Rotterdam, Utrecht). In 1992, she was awarded second prize at the “Fernand Gillet” International Competition.

At the beginning of her career, she was principal bassoon of Netherlands Ballet Orchestra and was later a member of the Athens Camerata in Greece. On her return to Amsterdam in 1998, she began playing more and more contemporary music projects. She founded two ensembles, both in 1999: Palmós and Trio Kassandra. Palmós started as a duo, bassoon and piano, and later expanded to include cello. Palmós has also appeared as a larger ensemble.

Stefanie and Lorenda Ramou of Palmós commissioned more than 30 compositions, a great many of them to young, still unknown composers. The culmination of 10 years of projects with Palmós resulted in a CD recording entitled ‘Breathless’ with works by Berio, Skalkottas, Yun and Kyriakides.

Stefanie is regularly featured as a soloist at international festivals. She was member of the Xenakis Ensemble and appears with the Ostravska Banda, Insomnio and Wervelwind Ensemble. Stefanie also performs with various early music ensembles, such as Eik en Linde.

Stefanie also plays recorder with the baroque orchestra Eik en Linde and with Flamenco choir Calle Real.


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